Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa: An Elegant Independence

At Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, art does not imitate life nor does life imitate art. They are fused as one, with each luxurious contemporary amenity complemented by an ode to swankiness of generations past.

Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa is arguably the best of the best, untethered from corporate dictates and robotic greetings and services. The only robotics you’ll find at this oceanfront resort in Manalapan are for your children (but more about the younger set’s exciting activities later).

“What’s new and unique about our property, since we became an independent Five Diamond resort, is that we think differently, we act differently, and we treat our guests differently than before,” said Nick Gold, public relations manager. The “before” is a reference to the resort’s prior business relationship with the Ritz-Carlton.

“We don’t have canned presentations or certain things we have to say. We have intuitive service for our guests. We think ahead for them. From the moment they arrive at our beautiful check-in desk they are offered a complimentary glass of champagne or fruit-infused water, and then they are escorted to their guest room where they are going to find a beach bag on the bed and flip-flops. We’re thinking ahead.”

When you step into the lobby of Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, you are met with a graciousness that welcomes your presence whether you’re in a ball gown or swimming attire. The lobby is decorated with pieces from around the world that reflect the grand estates of Palm Beach – past and present – and the island’s inimitable lifestyle. Handcrafted cocktails, small bites and small plates are offered in the lobby’s Stir Bar & Terrace, and you need not be a registered hotel guest to sample the offerings of Master Sommelier Krystal Kinney.

“We welcome our friends who live in Palm Beach County and beyond. Everyone is our guest,” Gold emphasized with smiling enthusiasm.

Explained Kinney, “The ownership here believes in staying miles away from mainstream, which allows me to be adventurous in my selections of liquors, wines and beers, and it provides an adventurous experience for our guests as well.”

Temple Orange, one of the four restaurants at the resort, is known for its Mediterranean breakfast buffet that is served daily. The owners of Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa also own several hotels in Israel, and Gold explained that “the culinary team in Israel was brought here in 2013 to teach our team how to interpret our now well-known Mediterranean buffet.” The aromas rising from the presentation and the smiles of satiated guests required no further explanation.

Steps from the Stir Lounge is al fresco dining, where the soft light of evening beckons you to savor your handcrafted cocktail and sweeten your palate with roasted marshmallows from the fire pit.

And fear not if your getaway is a family affair; AquaNuts is at the ready for the little ones, while Coast is an innovative experience that won’t have your teen rolling his or her eyes in disapproval. Before you learn more about the pinnacles of luxury and service your body and soul will consume, set your mind at rest; the children are entertained at Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa in keeping with the resort’s “miles from mainstream” credo.

Activities for AquaNuts include: exploring a sunken shipwreck, discovering hidden treasures, scaling an indoor rock climbing wall, mermaid makeovers, acting in a stage production, as well as crafts and table games. Coast teens enjoy: Access to sophisticated computers where robotics can be found in an internet café, a DJ booth to get the dance scene moving at the Coast Club, GoPro camera lessons, water sports and more.

It’s your time now.

Eau Spa is designed for you and that special someone, and it awaits you with exquisite offerings like a scrub and polish bar, couples’ massages, and a Self-Centered Garden where you may sit quietly or swing softly beside a wall of cascading water. Contemplate your wildest dreams while seated by the wishing well. Choose your aroma to match or change your state of mind and venture into the elegant private spa rooms for your custom designed moments of serenity.

It’s still your time.

You may have chosen to dine at Angle, Stir, Temple Orange or Breeze. You may have lounged in a cabana by the pool or felt the cool countenance of an exhilarating ocean swim and now it is time to be welcomed to your chosen accommodation. The guest rooms, suites, Lanai Suites, Club Rooms and the Commander-in-Chief Suite are miles from the mainstream and after Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa releases you from its first embrace, you know that’s just where you want to be.

Mainstream won’t ever be the same.

Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa is located at 100 S Ocean Blvd. in Manalapan. For reservations, call (888) 306-4894 or for more info, visit www.eaupalmbeach.com.

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