Centered Studios XTEND Ballet Barre

XTEND Ballet Barre at Centered Studios | Lake Park, FL

Xtend™ is the most effective barre workout and the most efficient way to create a strong and healthy body at any age. The system focuses on sculpting the body proportionally with the use of a ballet barre, playground balls, hand held weights, and yoga straps. Using a series of isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches, clients can achieve firm and fast results. The Xtend workout targets all the major muscle groups. Classes begin with an invigorating warm up, which increases the heart rate and prepares students for the work ahead. Then, the upper body segment begins using light weights to target the shoulders, biceps, triceps, and upper back muscles. Next, students challenge their entire body, including intense seat and thigh series, with the support of a ballet barre.  Xtend then engages the core deeper with an intense abdominal series performed on the floor. A calming stretch series relaxes the body and mind, concluding the Xtend class.

55 minutes to gorgeous.

Centered Studios XTEND Ballet Barre | Lake Park, FLXtend gives you:

  • stronger abs and back muscles
  • a lifted derrière
  • improved endurance and overall energy
  • increased flexibility
  • greater body awareness and improved posture

Xtend™ is the answer to living a happier, healthier, xtended life with your ideal body shape.

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See you at the mirror!

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