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Centered Studios Pilates Reformer Core Strength Training | Lake Park, FL

The Pilates is a form of muscular conditioning that focuses on the body’s core strength or ‘Powerhouse’ – the muscles closest to the spine, deepest to the rib cage and within the pelvic floor. By working the body from this core connection, Pilates brings the body into balance, increases overall strength, increases flexibility and promotes good posture. It is efficient, sustainable and restorative. Pilates focuses on total mind-body integration encouraging practitioners to be mindful of each move. Pilate’s founder, Joseph Pilates, asserted, “It is the mind that shapes the body.”

Pilates Reformer | Centered Studios Lake Park, FloridaPilates is perfect for adults of all ages and all levels of fitness. It can prevent injury and damage caused by daily life activities including other forms of exercise which may have stressed the body. Pilates is an efficient way to develop and maintain one’s fitness routine improving overall physical performance. Because less time is required, the health rewards are numerous, and the underlying philosophies are transferable throughout one’s daily life, incorporating Pilates in one’s life will lead to lifelong well-being.

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