About Centered Studios

Centered Studio Pilates TRX Suspension Traininbg Xtend Ballet Barre Lake Park, Florida

Centered Studios combines an open, friendly atmosphere with professional instructors with the intention of helping clients meet their personal fitness goals. By offering a range of respected movement methodologies such as Pilates, TRX and XTEND Ballet Barre one has the opportunity of challenging the body in various manners.

But the strength of Centered lies in the instructors. Each talented and highly educated individual teaching incorporates their own unique aspect to the class. In addition to providing clients with exceptional training, classes are fun and invigorating because our instructors are passionate about what they do. Beyond an efficient fitness experience, the attention of each individual and their physical well-being is our primary concern.

Centered Studio TrainersCentered Studios is a cutting-edge fitness boutique located in Lake Park, a small town just north of West Palm Beach, FL. The studio was founded and operates under the premise that one should find their center as they strengthen the body. Bringing the body into balance promotes efficiency in movement and mindful clarity. In the serene, supportive environment of Centered safe, intelligent exercise is our focus. The studio specializes in Pilates, Xtend, TRX and more.

All fitness abilities and goals are welcome. Let the Centered studio work with you to create healthy, sustainable fitness results, which will enhance your life.

Please call (561) 972-8504 or e-mail info@centeredworkout.com today to schedule your first class. Visit www.centeredworkout.com for more information.

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